Entrepreneurship Advice for your Company’s Business Development

Hadi Aboukhater Entrepreneruship Business DevelopmentDeveloping a new business is no easy task. After all, a startup budget can only stretch so far, and such considerations as where to allocate limited resources and how to optimize dividends for given investments quickly pile on the table like casseroles at a church potluck. Here are a few helpful tips to help you flourish in your own business endeavor.
A key consideration along the way is how much time to delegate for pitching. As is often said, time is money, so you’ll want to be sure you’re using your time wisely while maintaining a delicate balance of time invested in creating a quality pitch to time invested in scouting out new pitches for potential clients. More commonly, businesses make the easy mistake of seeking out as many pitches as possible while not focusing enough time on honing the pitch to a fine point. In the end, there’s no sense in making a pitch that will likely end in failure. This is an easy way to both waste time and make a lukewarm impression of your business, sending your venture nowhere fast. Give due time and research to creating a quality pitch that presents a clear point. Know how to articulate your ideas in a way that’s convincing and engaging.
Next, you’ll want your account teams to collaborate in generating new leads. Suggest a coffee meeting or lunch to bounce ideas around. Bringing heads together is a pivotal move. Offer suggestions that cater to the business’s best interest as a whole, and motivate collaborative action with short term incentive.
Be sure your company’s PR plan aligns with the company’s mission. Consistency in your message is what makes clients realize your cohesiveness and conviction in yourself as a business. An unorganized and scattered idea of your goals and purpose puts your company’s identity in jeopardy, and makes you seem unsure of yourself.
These are just a few points of advice. Of course, everyone has a wide gamut of varied experience in developing a business, and the best advice is subjective based on your services, placement, strengths and weaknesses.