Microsoft India aiding startups all over the world

Hadi Aboukhater Microsoft IndiaMicrosoft believes that startups in India have a much greater advantage than startups in any other country.  Microsoft has been engaged in developing, licensing, and supporting multiple software products and services; and they believe that India has a huge advantage because they have the world’s best developers. The core of a start-up is technology, and India is way ahead of the curb with its vast number of intelligent developers. Developers are a crucial part of the startup process, bringing the ingenious idea to product form.

Microsoft India has been present for the last 25 years and has taken various initiatives to develop the startup.  Microsoft India has also started a Microsoft Ventures project, which is a global initiative company that helps early entrepreneurs develop, license, and bring their products to market. The startups in India are a function of the people, just like any startup. It is about the idea, but mostly the execution of that idea. In this day and age of rising technology, people who have passion and desire to learn the intricacies of technologies will prosper in the startup environment.

Microsoft is noticing this momentum in tech startups, and this is why they are investing so much money in their startup development programs. There is still room for improvement in the Indian startup field. Joseph Landes, general manager of Microsoft India, told IANS in an interview that the area where they could spend more time and money was in user interface and design. People can have the best ideas on the planet, and they can find developers to code it; however, the difficult part is making it user friendly.

Two and a half weeks ago, Microsoft began their JumpStart program to help startups. JumpStart helps startups on the ground floor. For example, some of the simple questions that these early entrepreneurs have are what kind of papers need to be filed to the government to start a company. JumpStart is there with a free live person to contact to answer these ground floor questions.

BizSpark is another resource that early entrepreneurs can use. BizSpark gives startup CEOs the resources and tools they need to be successful. Microsoft also has an Accelerator in Bangalore where they take 15 companies a year and closely mentor and coach them throughout the ground floor of a company.